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Truck Radiator Repair: What Does Cooling System Repair Mean?

Your commercial truck’s cooling system is an integral part of the functionality of your vehicle. Without a cooling system, your commercial truck will overheat and seize the engine, leading to catastrophic damage. This is precisely why, in this blog, we will outline what your cooling system is, what to do if your commercial truck overheats, and when you should seek cooling system repair. Your radiator protects your commercial truck’s engine from the massive amount of heat it produces, and if it is not performing correctly, you need radiator repair.  

What is my truck’s cooling system? 

The engine in your commercial truck burns fuel and creates energy, creating heat. Your commercial vehicle’s radiator keeps the engine cool by using coolant or water to absorb the excess heat. After it picks up this heat, it is sent back into the radiator, where air is then blown across it to cool it down. This exchange essentially carries the heat from your vehicle away from the engine and into the air outside. If you have a radiator leak or any cooling system damage, the radiator will not perform as it should, and heat can and will build up in your engine.  

What should I do if my commercial truck overheats? 

If your commercial truck is overheating, it could be a faulty radiator fan, broken water pump, clogged coolant hose, or even a cooling system leak. You should seek cooling system repair immediately after performing these simple steps to avoid permanent damage.  

  • Turn on the heater to pull heat away from the engine. 
  • Find a safe place to pull over to allow the engine to cool off. 
  • Check and add coolant if there is a leak only AFTER the engine has cooled down significantly. 
  • Restart the engine only after the engine has cooled down a bit. 

These steps might be uncomfortable or frustrating but performing these tasks is integral to protecting your truck in this crucial circumstance.  

How do I know I need cooling system repair? 

You should look out for the signs that your truck is overheating as there are several indicators that there is a problem. The first and most important thing to look out for is your temperature gauge; if your engine is running hotter than usual or spikes into the red, you have an issue. Another indicator is steam coming from under the truck’s hood. The last indicator is a strange smell coming from your engine. Leaking coolant can smell sweet, whereas leaking oil would smell more burnt. If you notice any of these indicators, then call our commercial truck repair shop immediately so that your truck doesn’t sustain severe damage.