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How to Tell If it is Time to Change a Truck Engine's Timing Belt

Once you own a car, many things need to be prioritized for it to serve you well. One of the most important things is to ensure that all components of the vehicle work properly. The timing belt, for instance, is a crucial component whose working should be prioritized. This is one of the car components that go through a lot of force and tension to work.

As such, it is necessary to ensure that it is replaced based on standard recommendations. Failure to do this may result in motor damage or other serious damages to the vehicle such that no form of truck repair can salvage it. Below are some of the top tips to look out for when dealing with the T belt.

When Odd Sounds Come Out of the Engine

Never ignore strange sounds from the vehicle, especially when they come from the vehicle's most important part. You can easily tell that the timing belt is giving in to the stress when you hear a ticking sound from this area. However, do not be too quick to consume since similar sounds are also emitted when other issues exist. Check the pressure and oil range since the difference in the required levels of both can also cause the ticking sound. In case the pressure is not low, and the oil levels are up to standard, you need to have a mechanic examine the vehicle to verify if there is a more severe issue requiring immediate attention.

Flashing Malfunction Indicator Light

This is another sign of a failing belt. Even as you consider taking the vehicle to a truck repair shop, you need to deduce potential issues. When the light flashes with the car running, you are likely to get a code indicating the issue. A trained vehicle maintenance expert can help fix the problem once they crack the code. Visit the nearest mechanic shop to have the car fixed immediately to avoid incurring more costs.

 Misfiring Vehicle after a Hard Start

A worn-out T belt easily slips, causing the cylinders in the motor to continuously open and close. What results from this is a misfiring of the vehicle, which can compound and become complex issues when ignored. In case you realize this issue, consider replacing the belt immediately to avoid serious damages.

The Car Unusually Runs on Idle, or there is a Constant Loss of Power

The belt is constructed with teeth that grip the moving parts of your engine. When these teeth fall or break off, regular slips occur, slowing down the vehicle. It can also lead to loss of power when the belt jumps a tooth. In case you suspect such an issue, it is best to take the vehicle to a mechanic shop for them to check and fix the belt. The last thing you want is to incur extra expenses just because you ignored your belt.

Do not assume that the T belt can withstand extra pressure when it is failing. Have it checked in good time to save your car.