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Truck Electrical Repair Issues Fully Explained

You rely on your truck for a lot, and know it like the back of your hand. However, there could be serious electrical problems that currently exist in your truck that you do not even know about. This is because your fleet can still function with a damaged electrical system. In this article, we will go in depth over the three main truck electrical repair parts and the issues that could arise.

What is impacted?

The three major components of a truck’s electrical system, as well as the three components most likely to have an issue, are its alternator, battery, and starter. Through these three parts, your car is able to provide you the ability to start the car, turn on lights, and see the road during unideal conditions.


It all starts with the battery. The battery provides combustion to start the truck. It gives electricity to the vehicle to turn it on as well as the ignition to ignite the fuel systems. 


Next is the starter. The starter is responsible for starting the engine. When the battery ignites the engine, the starter uses this energy to turn the engine over and “start” the truck.


Lastly is a truck’s alternator. An alternator is responsible for keeping the electrical system running once the battery and starter get it going. When a vehicle has a faulty alternator, it will start, but it will not be able to run for very long

Most common truck electrical repair types?

Now that you know what parts are impacted, here are the main ways to tell!

·      Faulty Starter - This is the most common issue you will have with your truck’s electrical system. This occurs when you turn the key and attempt to start the car and hear a clicking noise. This means that there is not enough current flow in the system to engage the engine. This is either the sign of a faulty starter or possibly a dead battery.

·      Battery issues - Any problem with the electrical system is assumed to be the battery. On average, a battery lasts 5 years. If you see corrosion stains around the terminal on your battery, this could mean a few different things such as a leak or a dead battery.

·      Headlights and Break Lights Dim - Another sign of an issue either with the battery or alternator is when your headlights or break lights dim when you are driving at a low speed. This is a sign that the car is struggling to hold its electrical current or the current is weak.

·      You Smell Burning Plastic Or Electrical Insulation - If you are experiencing any of the above problems and happen to smell burning plastic or electrical insulation, you need to stop driving your car immediately and call to get it towed. When you are experiencing a problem with the electric system and smell burning it is a clear sign of a sever malfunction or a possible short circuit. Either one of these needs to be handled immediately.

What next?

After you have realized there is a problem with your truck’s electrical system. You may try troubleshooting to see where the problem is. However, troubleshooting problems with a truck’s electrical system takes knowledge and experience. Do research you are your battery manufacturer and the information they provide there about it.

If you end of identifying a truck electrical repair issue, it is critical to get it inspected by a professional right away to save money and avoid costly repairs, like replacements or rewiring installations. Come visit us today to get a full diagnostic inspection on your electrical system and get back on the road in no time!