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Common Causes of a Truck Breakdown and How to Avoid Them

Commercial trucks experience breakdowns just like every other vehicle on the road. Sometimes they are preventable by properly scheduling service for your vehicle at a professional truck repair shop. At our repair shop, we see preventable breakdowns occur often. Downtime is expensive, which is why getting regularly scheduled maintenance at a professional truck repair shop is so important. There are several common signs that indicate repair that our truck repair shop will identify and prevent from growing into a more significant problem. While these problems can be minor at first, they can steadily grow to become significant issues.

Tire Issues

The continuous strain of the road on your commercial truck’s tires causes tire issues. This is due to the wear and tear of the road and also the strain from the weight of your vehicle. Performing regular maintenance on your truck tires can ensure your tires can last and don’t cause issues while your truck is on the job. There are several indicators for tire issues that you may not be aware of! They are:

  • Underinflated tires
  • Overinflated tires
  • Uneven wear on your truck’s tires
  • “Balding” tires

All these indicators can showcase low-tread depth, misalignment, or more significant issues. You can avoid these issues by taking your truck to a specialized truck repair shop for tire repair and preventative maintenance! Knowing what causes these issues and actively seeking out a solution could be the difference between having a breakdown or not the next time your truck is on the job!

Faulty Brakes

Another common issue is faulty brakes. Your commercial truck’s brakes are constantly exposed to friction, heat, and pressure, which causes them to wear down. If not properly maintained, then your brakes can lead to unfortunate circumstances leading to an accident. These issues are preventable by providing your commercial truck with ample space to stop in an emergency during your drive. Also, receiving regular brake checks from a professional truck repair shop is a great way to ensure your brakes are in the best condition possible to ensure your safety and the safety of everyone else on the road.

Electrical Problems

The electrical system in your commercial truck has its share of potential issues. The electrical system comprises of many components such as the alternator, battery, ignition system, and starter. These components can fail if not properly maintained and can cause issues with your electrical systems. This can prevent you from starting your truck or keeping your truck on! A way to avoid these issues is by scheduling regular preventative maintenance for your commercial truck. Professional truck repair shops can find out these issues while they are still small and resolve them before they become more significant problems leading to a breakdown.