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Mechanic shop in Ronkonkoma - K&M TRUCK REPAIR

Our Unwavering Commitment to our Long Island Family

At K & M Truck Repair, we specialize in medium duty truck and heavy duty truck repair in Long Island and the surrounding regions. With an experience that spans back for many decades, we have nurtured our fleet services to emerge as a leading player on the platform.

We understand that your heavy equipment is very valuable and that's why we use A+ mechanics who are both PPG-certified and ASE-certified to expedite the process of your heavy-duty truck repair while providing top-notch services.

Ranging from Liftgate repair, preventive maintenance, to medium duty truck repair, we always strive to offer the best fleet services in Long Island, NY, and the surrounding regions, with 100 percent customers' satisfaction guaranteed.

More importantly, we are equipped with the state-of-the-art resources and computerized diagnostic tools, so we can comfortably assure you we are always up to the task even when handling the most challenging problems.

About Peter McCabe

Peter McCabe's passion of becoming a mechanic started while he was a teenager in high school. After enrolling in various trade classes during his high school years, it became clear what he wanted to do with his life—work on heavy equipment.

He joined Ohio university where he earned his technical certificate in diesel truck repair and services in 1982. In his early career years, he worked as a driver and a mechanic in various leasing and construction companies. However, Peter realized his life-long dream when he became a proud owner of K&M Truck repair, a premier heavy and medium-duty repair shop in Long Island.

Now he enjoys working on his shop as a mechanic providing quality services to his clients and acting on a managerial capacity over his 5 mechanics who work in the shop's nine bays. In 2002, his wife angel McCabe decided to join the bandwagon of the fast-growing venture.

Peter believes in family and he understands that is customers are part of it.

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